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Welcome to the Alaska State Fire Marshal’s Community Portal

where you may Apply Online for Fire System and Portable Fire Extinguisher Technician Permits * Fireworks Permits * Building, Fire System, and Fuel System Plan Reviews *

You will also be able to view applications for which you are an associated Contact. 

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FIRE SYSTEM PERMITS:  Apply for individuals to be permitted to:

  • Perform design, installation, maintenance, and/or testing of installed fire systems in the State of Alaska
  • Inspect, recharge, maintain, and/or hydrostatically test portable fire extinguishers in the State of Alaska

Submittal Documents: must provide supporting documentation showing minimum requirements as outlined in 13 AAC 50.035(g) prior to permit issue.

NOTE: Fire System PLANS must be submitted via the Plan Review Applications.

To view listings of current fire system permit holders, please check Reports and Documents (icons at the bottom of this website). Reports contain Portal-issued permits and Documents contain permits issued prior to Portal activation.


FIREWORK PERMITS:  Apply and pay for

Firework Display

Authorizes the use of Class 1.3G and 1.4G fireworks in excess of 250 pounds

Pyrotechnic Operator

Authorizes setting up and discharging 1.3 and qualifying 1.4G special fireworks at public displays for which a display permit has been issued.

Fireworks Retail

Authorizes the sale of Class 1.4G fireworks

Fireworks Wholesale

Allows the individual to sell fireworks at wholesale in the State of Alaska

Submittal Documents: Must provide required documents at the time of application.


PLAN REVIEW APPLICATIONS:  Apply for all building, fire system, and fuel system reviews.

** Please be aware the State of Alaska utilizes Microsoft Teams as a phone system.  Please stay on the line till you reach a person or voicemail.  Thank you for your patience. **

Submittal Documents: Minimum of construction drawings are required at time of application submission.  Other requirements may be requested and/or added during the review process.  Note, the more details and/or information provided at application will help expedite process. 

Once all required Submittal Documents received and Fees Paid, review time for most permit types is approx.  2-4 weeks.


SPECIALTY STATE AGENCY APPS:  Apply for AFMs or Impairments.  Otherwise, this category does not apply to general public.

ADVANCE SEARCH - Find all of your associated certificates in the State; by location, date, type of permit etc.

First-Time Users: The first time you enter the site to apply for a permit, you will need to register and create a password. Be sure to check your junk email or spam folder to ensure emails come through.  Please follow the instructions. Contact Us if you have any problems.

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